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These days it’s not enough to have instant, accessible technology in our homes and workplace…we want to be able to wear it too. Wearable technologies have becoming increasingly popular year on year and they now dominate a significant part of …

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Technology is racing forward faster than most businesses can keep up – and at the heart of new developments lies one key focus; communication. Voice activation and voice searches are becoming the norm and they’re changing the way we search, …

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New technology means what was once fantasy, can now be a reality – just imagine being able to unlock a phone with a fingerprint or tell a speaker what music you want to play…! While time travel and teleportation are …

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Man vs Machine

The technological revolution is upon us – there’s no denying that technology plays a pivotal role in pretty much every aspect of our lives now, from how we communicate to how we socialise, relax, work and play. The translation world …

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