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I’m in great company!

I’m extremely proud of Sally Walker Language Services – with our amazing team of talented people and a director who is one of life’s natural motivators we have built an international reputation for reliability, enthusiasm and professionalism.


Generations of my family travelled the world and I myself have been lucky enough to visit many wonderful places. Exposure to different cultures nurtured my passion for languages.

Back in 1969, when I first offered translation services, my entire equipment consisted of a desk, a telephone and a typewriter.

The idea of a translation service was strange to many business people, who thought it would be easier to engage translators directly – until they encountered problems and found themselves floundering in an unfamiliar world.

That’s where I came in. I understood the need to use translators and interpreters steeped in the modern usage of their languages – experts who know the environments in which their work will be used.

Sally Walker Language Services has expanded from those modest beginnings – consistent investment in the latest technology has allowed us to take on a host of projects and we have an unparalleled network of translators and interpreters. It’s more than providing work that is idiomatically and grammatically perfect – it’s about matching the right voice and personality to the job.

We enable our clients to communicate in their customers’ own languages, in a clear and natural way.