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Office Team

Jonathon Baker –Director

Jonathan is head of a slick and efficient operation at Sally Walker Language Services. Since taking the helm just a couple of years ago, he has transformed the systems and processes of the company by embracing new technology and ‘going digital’.

“When the world is your market, each day brings new challenges. What’s important is to focus on the quality of our work. The changes we’ve made have enabled our team to monitor workflow and standards whilst keeping control of costs. It means our customers can have high expectations from Sally Walker Language Services, and we will deliver on those expectations”.

 Jonathon’s sights are now set on growing the business by reaching new customers in new markets. He’s happy to chat to new customers anytime, his door is always open!

Anna GomesLopes

Anna Lopes – Translation Manager

Anna’s skills lie in researching clients’ needs, and matching those with the most appropriate translator from the talented pool available. Our team of translators cover more than 80 languages, many working from within their own countries, and Anna works closely with them all.

“Localisation is a challenge, which is why it is important to select the right translator for each task. Sometimes you’re required to translate not just words but ideas, and understanding the culture of the audience you are talking to is important”.

She undertakes translation work too, into her mother tongue of Portuguese.

Anna particularly enjoys the variation in her work, as the topics that she handles for translation are many and varied, and the growing relationships with clients who return to Sally Walker Language Services time and time again.

Anna has a passion too for all things American – ask her about American basketball – you’ll be surprised how much she knows!


Lucia Clements – Translation Manager

Lucia’s role is to liaise between our clients and translators. She takes control of timescales and budgets so everyone knows exactly what is expected of them and when.

She wears a quality control hat too – overseeing translations to ensure our high standards are met every time.

Lucia translates work from English into Spanish, so has first hand experience of translating for overseas markets.

“As a translator myself, I am very proud of the fact that information is now available in so many languages and that we as a company are helping so many companies reach out to new markets and clients all over the world”.

photo 2

Janet Eastwood – Translator

Janet is a highly accomplished and experienced translator. She works into English from Spanish, French, German and Italian whilst assisting our translation managers to manage workflow through the business.

“I love the variety of languages I work with, the different subjects stimulate my appetite for learning and I’m fascinated to find out more about new markets and how other people live.”

From ancient parchments in spidery handwriting, to obscure subjects with no reference material, Janet has a ‘can-do’ attitude admired most by her colleagues. She’s the calm, conscientious team member every business needs!

M Downey

Mike Downey – Translation Manager





Emily Armstrong – Marketing

Emily is our marketing expert. She works tirelessly to spread the word about our services, working with Jonathon to achieve growth for the company.

“My task is to increase awareness of our services to new customers, not just in this country, but around the world. I know that Sally Walker Language Services comes second to none, it’s my job to let everyone else realise it too”.

Emily’s strength is in her tenacity and vision. With such a huge market to communicate with, she needs to apply all her marketing talent and multi-task. She does both with aplomb!

Diane KenyonTranslator

Diane is a seasoned translator working from Spanish into English. She has lived and worked in Spain for 24 years, and has worked as a marketing manager for a Spanish slate company in the UK for 4 years.

Diane understands the needs of UK markets, and is able to advise Spanish companies how best to communicate with them.

or email translations@sallywalker.co.uk

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